Since It’s New York Comic Con, Here Are Some Hot Cosplay Girls [Photos]

It’s Comic Con in New York City this weekend! Comic Con in New York City is a fantastic gathering where nerds from all over the world can hang out together and revel in their now incredibly popular and widespread interests.

Comic Con has had a huge surge in popularity in the past few years. The convention is hardly limited to just comics and video games. The convention in San Diego has representatives from so many television shows that it covers just about everything in pop culture.

For people who have been passionate about comic books, video games and all things nerd culture for their whole life, the surge in popularity in Comic Con might be bittersweet. Sure, they might not get made fun of as much as they used to, but it probably feels like a bunch of people are joining what should be their exclusive club. It’s basically the same as when a sports team finally gets good and and a bunch of “fans” jump on the bandwagon.

For the rest of us, the popularity of Comic Con has some great benefits. The best benefit of all? All the hot babes! Sure, some of them are probably models hired by the convention, but what do you care? You don’t even like comics that much anyway.

via Guy Code Blog

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