Natalija Ugrina on HELLO LADIES [See Her Tonight]

Natalija Ugrina on Hello Ladies

(10:30 PM EST, HBO)

It’s a little hard to believe Stephen Merchant as an awkward loser on HBO’s Hello Ladies.  We know it’s inherently awkward to stand 6’7″, but Merchant–who’s on HBO as a veteran partner of Ricky Gervais–wouldn’t be a bad catch. We mean his Hello Ladies character, who still seems likely to enjoy some romance with the perfectly fine Christine Woods (who plays a tenant in his L.A. home). We know from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that Merchant himself is pretty cool. But we can totally relate to the guy spazzing out occasionally. Especially since he lives in Los Angeles, where a lady like Natalija Ugrina can show up in a small role at poolside.

We’ll be getting urgent over Ms. Urgina tonight, even if her role is a typically small turn. We’ve been getting urgent over Croatian models all week. But we’re getting urgent and upset that Natalija Ugrina isn’t saying hello in a bigger role on Hello Ladies. The striking brunette stands at least 6′ tall. She’s the kind of lady who’d be thrilled to meet a 6’7″ Brit with a good job and a long lean frame. We’re pretty sure that Natalija could handle a bigger role, too. We can’t say that we’re really familiar with her acting skills. In fact, she’s new enough to the scene that you can get in on the ground floor of her Twitter account.

Natalija has mainly captivated us as a model. We knew that she’d been cast as a volleyball player in the upcoming USA series Rake (which is like House, MD as a lawyer), but it was a pleasant surprise to see her showing up on HBO first. We’re lucky that Natalija is interested in acting, too. The offbeat beauty doesn’t have to stay in front of the camera. She’s a savvy gal with a Master’s Degree in International Economics from University Sapienza of Rome. We can tell you that Natalija is taking acting just as seriously. The striking lady has studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute.

The brainy babe is also fit for international stardom, capable of nailing her dialogue in Croatian, Italian, English, Serbian, and Spanish. These pics will have you thinking of nailing having meaningful dialogue with Natalija in any language. Enjoy her now and tune in tonight for Natalija on Hello Ladies. You’ll find her at poolside as a serious Miss who’s seriously hard to miss…

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