Learn From This Dude: Son Gets Dad Tickets To Bengals Game [Video]

Making your dad cry is rarely something that you really want to do, but there are situations when it ends up working out. The son in this video got his dad tickets to go see the Cincinnati Bengals play at home in Paul Brown Stadium, and his dad was so touched that he struggled to hold back the tears.

The son got the surprise going when he gave his dad an official Cincinnati Bengals hat and a jersey signed by Andy Dalton. If you doubt that the father is a die hard Bengals fan, just look at his reaction when he finds out that Andy Dalton actually signed the jersey. Andy Dalton isn’t a horrible quarterback, but that’s probably the most excited anyone will ever get to be holding something with Dalton’s signature.

The dad thought that the gift couldn’t get any better, but then his son gave him the best gift that he’s ever received. His son got him two tickets to go see the Cincinnati Bengals play in Cincinnati, but that’s not all. He also got him plane tickets and a hotel room.

The dad lives in Connecticut, so he’s never had the opportunity to see his team play at home. It sounds like he really can’t believe that he’s going to get to go when he says that he gets to go to “the jungle.” Since the dad lives on the East coast, not only has he never been to Paul Brown Stadium, but he’s also never held Bengals tickets in his hand.

If your dad has a birthday coming up, Bengals tickets might not be what he wants. But you should try to think of something that gets a reaction like the one in this video.

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