Katy Perry Roars While Walking on Air on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE [Pics + Video]

We tried to get you ready for Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live tonight, and now we have plenty of pics and some fine video of her performances tonight. We’re very happy to say that Katy Perry didn’t follow Miley Cyrus’ lead in toning down her SNL performances. Instead, we got some Sheena, Queen of the Jungle-styled action from Katy, as she performed “Roar” with a band of furries. Then she returned for “Walking on Air”–where her costume was more modest, but still plenty sexy.

Too bad for any epileptics who suffered through that brief segment full of flashing lights, though. The rest of us enjoyed plenty of action. There’s video below, but also check out our gallery of some favorite moments from Katy’s performances. Also, there was Bruce Willis and some attempts at comedy. That might still count as SPOILERS for our West Coast readers. Sorry about that…

[HD] Katy Perry – Roar – SNL 10-12-13 by IdolxMuzic

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