Happy Birthday To Sacha Baron Cohen [Videos]

Happy Birthday to Sacha Baron Cohen! As you probably know, Sacha Baron Cohen is the man behind the characters such as Borat, Bruno and Ali G. Sacha Baron Cohen is amazing at using his characters to get people to make themselves look bad.

Usually, people don’t even know that they are talking to a character. Still, even when people are aware that they are actually talking to Sacha Baron Cohen, things might not always work out well for them. In the above video from the Oscars red carpet a few years ago, Sacha Baron Cohen is dressed as his character Aladeen from the movie “The Dictator.” When he spills the ashes of his “dear friend and doubles tennis partner” King Jong Il on Ryan Seacrest’s tuxedo, Seacrest looks like he just had his whole night ruined.

In this next video clip from “Ali G,” Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Borat goes to an American dating service since he can’t get American women by giving gallons of insecticide to her father.

Here is another clip from the “Ali G Show” featuring the show’s namesake. Ali G is not the most progressive man in the world, so he tried to talk to some experts about feminism.

Bruno is a host on Austrian Gay TV. He’s very open about his sexuality, which is something that Pastor Quinn, the “Gay Converter,” spends his life trying to crush. He’s got his work cut out for him with Bruno.

Bruno loves fashion and gets to go backstage at lots of high end fashion shows. When Bruno gets to interview fashion designers, he shows that it really does take a genius to put together a successful fashion line. The guy in this clip used cardboard in his show. Genius!

As part of his trip through America, Borat wanted to learn some self defense techniques from a karate expert. To show his gratitude, Borat decided that he should also teach the karate instructor some defense techniques that he picked up in his native Kazakhstan.

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