By now, word has gotten out about Machete Kills. It’s not really a spoiler to let people know that the movie ends in a cliffhanger. The real debate is over whether Machete Kills is exciting enough to want people seeing the end of a trilogy. We dunno. It seemed like a pretty fun film to most of us here, and Machete Kills sure doesn’t lack for killer babes.

But the real buzz here at COED is over the amazing Elle Lamont–who shows up in Machete Kills in what should be a star-making role. She doesn’t have nearly enough to do in the movie as the female assassin Dollface. We kind of feel the same way about Patricia Vonne, who shows up in a quick role as a tourist. Vonne is the sister of Machete Kills director Robert Rodriguez, though, so we can’t really expect the guy to cast Patricia in a true sexbomb role.

Elle LaMont, however, deserves to be a sexbomb and much more. She’s yet another homegrown Austin talent that Rodriguez has discovered. To be fair, Elle is hard to miss. She’s really from the outskirts of Waco, but has already proven herself to be far more than a small-town beauty. She quickly began landing work as an extra in the busy Austin film and television industry. It’s no surprise that Elle showed up among the gals of the Friday Night Lights television series. It was, however, a swingin’ big deal when Elle made it onto the sex-crazed CBS drama Swingtown. We still can’t believe that show ever got canceled.

We’re pretty sure that Elle first hooked up with Robert Rodriguez in 2011 for Spy Kids: All the Time in the World. Before that, Elle had been working the low-budget Texas filmmaking circuit. 2011 was a pretty important year for her. Spy Kids got her into the multiplexes, but Elle also landed a strong lead role in an ambitious indie called Strings. Now she’s back with former Spy Kids kid Alexa Vega in Machete Kills, and Elle seems ready to move up in the indie world. She’s shown off some real acting range, and her exotic looks let her get cast as plenty of different ethnicities–but, as you’ll see in these pics, Elle’s going to have problems with being typecast as one Elle of a sex symbol….

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