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Watch Macklemore Prank Call A Scalper Selling Tickets To His Own Show [Video]


Macklemore found a woman on craigslist who was trying to sell tickets to one of his shows in Seattle. You can still get tickets to the show for only $35, but the woman on the phone was selling them for $65. Macklemore and his buddy Ryan Lewis decided to share some Jameson and call the woman up and trick her with a ridiculous accent.

Before placing the call, Macklemore went through a few different potential voices. Our favorite was “Southern Dad,” but the British accent that he settled on wasn’t so bad either. Macklemore asks the woman why she is selling the tickets, and she replies that it’s because something came up and her friends couldn’t attend. Macklemore asks, “Did your friends leave you?” The woman sounds like she thought that was a little strange, but she stayed on the phone as Macklemore began asking about ticket prices.

Since the tickets are over the normal price, Macklemore starts to see what else he can get out of the deal. The woman drives a hard bargain; the tickets don’t even come with a “meet and greet” or a “bus transfer.” As if that wasn’t enough, she goes on to say that Macklemore only has “two songs.” That makes the six American Music Awards nominations that he’s received all the more impressive.

Eventually, Macklemore decides that he’s toyed with the woman enough and comes clean. He immediately brings up that not only did she say that he only had two songs but that she also didn’t like his hair. Unfortunately for the woman, Macklemore didn’t end up buying the tickets to his own show.

Since this is only the first episode of “Scalper Calls,” we’re hoping to see more of these very soon. So if you’re trying to sell some Macklemore tickets online in the near future, be careful because you might end up trying to sell them to someone who definitely doesn’t need them.

via Gawker

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