Prepare For Katy Perry’s SNL Performance Tonight With These Photos [Photos + Video]

Katy Perry will be the musical guest on tonight’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.” As you can see from the above video, she will be joined by host Bruce Willis. If the video is a sign of what to expect, we’ll be treated to lots of what men around the world have come to love: gratuitous footage of Bruce Willis’s bald head.

Perry will no doubt be performing her hit single “Roar,” but we’re also hoping to see her in some of the sketches throughout the show. Here is a little clip from one of her past appearances on “Saturday Night Live.” If you don’t recall, at the time Katy Perry had received some bad press for showing a lot of cleavage when she appeared on an episode of “Sesame Street.” We think that she handled the situation admirably.

There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful woman who is also hilarious, and judging by her prior appearances on the show, Katy Perry definitely has both of those qualities. We’re incredibly excited to see her on tonight’s episode. To help tide you over for tonight’s episode, we’ve put together this wonderful collection of Katy Perry photos to entertain you before the show.

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