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Kate Hudson: Woman Who Won The Week [Photos]


This Thursday Kate Hudson announced the release of her new athletic wear clothing line, Fabletics, at the gym Equinox in L.A. where she also led a cycling class. The exercise wear is meant for women of all sizes, not just for women who have Hollywood celebrity sizes like Kate Hudson. We are all for more athletic wear hitting the markets. In case you haven’t noticed, women wearing athletic clothes are incredibly hot. Especially when those athletic clothes are yoga pants.

After launching her new clothing line and teaching her cycling class, Kate Hudson left the gym and headed to a fancy dinner at restaurant Malibu Farm that was honoring the designer Gareth Pugh. If you can launch your own clothing line and attend an honorary dinner for a famous fashion designer, you’ve done enough to win the week.

Before launcing her clothing line, Kate Hudson also appeared on the talk show “Ellen” to talk about the birth of her new son. Hudson told Ellen how her mom, Goldie Hawn, showed up to the delivery room with lights attached to her glasses and compared Hudson’s “vajayjay” to “a large magnolia flower blossoming.” Maybe that helps make birth sound a little less horrifying, but we’re guessing that it might not have helped make things easier in the moment.

Congratulations to Kate on the new birth and on the new clothing line. If it’s anywhere near as successful as the clothing lines of other hot celebrities like Kathy Ireland or Sophia Vergara, Hudson will probably win more than just this week.

via Popsugar

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