Karen Jarrett’s T’n’A Wrestles Up Some Birthday Wishes

Who’s the wrestling woman who could get us to risk the wrath of Kurt Angle? That would be his ex-wife Karen Jarrett–who’s probably Kurt’s ex-wife because the overrated champ couldn’t satisfy a lady the way that a real man could, and we’d be perfectly happy to prove it under any circumstances that wouldn’t require us getting our ass beaten by Karen’s current husband. That would be wrestling champ (and TNA Wrestling founder) Jeff Jarrett, who’s so old that he comes from a time when wrestlers had blonde perms. Karen would really appreciate some real men like us.

Interestingly enough, we don’t think Karen counts as a WWE Diva. She was never really part of any big storylines there. She was mostly on the peripheral as Kurt Angle ruled the ring. (WWE fans can enjoys our tribute to Kaitlyn, though.) Karen became much more of a player when Kurt moved over to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The couple went into TNA on the verge of divorce, with Karen playing an obsessive gal who Sting once had arrested for violating a restraining order. Karen was also determined to establish herself as the Queen of the TNA. She certainly had the T’n’A qualification–but still ended up wrestling Booker T’s wife Sharmell in a grudge match.

Karen broke her foot during that one. It was a fine catfight until then, though.┬áKurt and Karen broke up for good after he caught Karen comforting A.J. Styles in the ring–and right after Kurt had taken a beating to defend the guy. Man, these wrestling guys are all mixed up. There was plenty more drama, and Karen kept alternating between being a scheming vixen or general good gal. She was popular either way–for obvious reasons–and spent some time hosting her own interview segment on TNA’s Impact! show.

Karen’s personal life was sorted out by 2011. She was finally divorced from Kurt Angle, and was officially Karen Jarrett–having married her TNA boss Jeff Jarrett. There was still lots of drama in the ring, of course. Jeff beat Kurt in a match, and the deal was that Kurt then had to walk Karen down the angle in a televised recreation of the couple’s wedding vows. The happy couple haven’t been part of TNA for a while, with Jeff being fired from the organization after losing an important match. We’re not sure how that translates into real life, but we know that Karen’s still a real beauty as she turns 41(!) years old today. See for yourself with some hot pics that’ll put you in a stranglehold…

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