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The Forgotten Hosts of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: They Didn’t Twerk


October 11th marks the 38th anniversary of the first Saturday Night Live–first hosted by comic legend George Carlin, but followed up by some other hosts who…well, just aren’t as legendary. That might seem hard to believe. Generations have grown up with Saturday Night Live bringing in real megastars as hosts. Tom Hanks has been a regular presence, and Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin continue to compete over who’ll host more episodes. Last week, of course, Miley Cyrus took over the show and brought in some massive ratings. There are a lot of ways in which Saturday Night Live is actually NBC’s top-rated show.

We’re certainly excited to see Bruce Willis hosting the show this weekend. Actually, we’re probably more excited about Katy Perry returning as the musical guest. Remember the Elmo Breast Bounce? We do. Anyway, that’s just another reminder of how Saturday Night Live brings in the major names. It hasn’t always been that way, though.Saturday Night Live has had some tough years. The show was reduced to booking some very minor hosts during a few miserable seasons. Of course, there have also been some hit seasons when SNL used its clout to bring in obscure hosts that were admired by the writers. There’s also the matter of rising personalities who got to host SNL, but never quite made it to the next level of stardom.

All of that has made for a weird mix over the years. Look back with us now at the SNL hosts that were briefly big enough to host the show–and then didn’t hang around for a few decades of fame…

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