October 11, 2013: Michelle Trachtenberg—-Her Top 40 Sexiest Pics!

Today is the 10th anniversary of Michelle Trachtenberg turning 18. That’s a national holiday, right? It’s observed this Monday. We’re certainly happy to celebrate the big day, too. The former kiddie actress certainly bloomed into one of Hollywood’s foremost young hotties–and still rocks a hot bod that doesn’t look to be getting even close to turning 30 years old.

A few of her fans grew up with Michelle Trachtenberg as a regular on Nickelodeon’s Pete and Pete. She joined the regular cast of Nickelodeon after landing the starring role in a 1996 film adaptation of the Harriet the Spy book series. Then she became officially hip when she joined the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 2000, suddenly showing up as Buffy’s younger sister Dawn–who’d never been a character before, but everybody on the show acted like they’d known her forever.

We can’t quite remember what was going on with that. We think she was some kind of physical embodiment of a spiritual key that had been put into some kind of celestial Witness Protection Program. It must’ve been some kind of a bright idea, because everybody knows that show creator Joss Whedon is a genius.

Michelle made it to the multiplexes when she took the lead gal role in the 2004 comedy EuroTrip. That one had all of her young male fans tripping over Michelle had suddenly become all grown up–and out. Another audience discovered her on the HBO series Six Feet Under, where she had a brief story arc as a spoiled (and sexually compulsive) pop star. Michelle joined Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the indie Mysterious Skin, where they both did even more daring work to prove that they were now proper adult actors.

Michelle hasn’t gotten close to big-screen stardom, though. She was paired with the pair of Lacey Chabert for the 2006 horror movie Black Christmas, and didn’t have enough to do in the Bruce Willis/Tracey Morgan (alleged) comedy Cop Out. That was around the same time that Michelle had a short-lived NBC series called Mercy that had her in a nurse outfit. NBC must have really screwed up that show.

And yet Michelle keeps working steadily. She made some recent new fans with a recurring role on The CW’s Gossip Girl, and we’re pretty excited to see her in the upcoming film adaptation of the graphic novel Scribble–where she’s reunited with former Buffy costar Eliza Dushku in the story of a schizophrenic gal sorting through her personalities. Now get ready to sort through these 40 hot pics that might put your privates in Trachtion…

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