Jesiree Dizon on Hawaii Five-0 [See Her Tonight]

Jesiree Dizon onΒ Hawaii Five-0

(9:00 PM EST, CBS)

We know that Hawaii Five-0 never lacks in finding homegrown hotties, but we bet the CBS producers weren’t expecting a gal like Jesiree Dizon. The classic beauty with an exotic name was born in Lahaina on the island of Maui, and we’d be adding a pun using “wowie” if the stoners hadn’t already cornered that market. We can say that Jesiree adds some Filipina beauty to her hot Hawaii breeding for an exciting new look that’s giving us the Big Five-O–if you know what we mean. (For other Five-0 femmes, check out Taylor Cole,Β Michelle Borth, and Behati Prinsloo.)

Jesiree Dizon knows what we mean by that Big Five-O gag, and you can find her discussing her first Big O in this fine interview. It’ll give you some real insight into this bold babe. She’s an elegant beauty who’s still built enough to have started out as a fitness model. She even had plans for a college basketball scholarship. An unfortunate accident put an end to that, but Jesiree has recovered enough to have joined the L.A. division of the Lingerie Basketball League last year.

Jesiree could join the Lingerie League because she’s spending a lot more time in Los Angeles nowadays. She’s already making an impressive transition from modeling to acting. In fact, Jesiree first caught our eye as a captivating cop on an episode of GCB last year. That was also when Jesiree jolted us with an appearance on CSI:NY, where she played the kind of booth babe that you really don’t get to enjoy in New York City anymore. It wasn’t too surprising when Jesiree then showed up amongst the parade of beauties on HBO’s True Blood.

This is our first chance to have Jesiree in our living rooms this year, though. We will not miss it–even though we’re a little resentful that Hawaii Five-0 kept us waiting this long to see one of the islands’ most beautiful attractions. You’ll be even more attracted to Jesiree’s mind when you follow her on Twitter–but first follow your bliss through these 41 wonderful pics…

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Youngin' circa '05- '06

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