Here’s An Instagram Video Of Chrissy Teigen Giving Brooklyn Decker A ‘Vagina Raspberry’

Chrissy Teigen can teach everybody a thing or two about the social media game. Last night she uploaded an Instagram video of her giving Brooklyn Decker something called a “Vagina Raspberry” which if you ever played baseball is thankfully not the same kind of “raspberry” you get when you slide into a base incorrectly.

No, a “vagina raspberry” is that thing you do to people’s bellies where you put your mouth on them and blow air and flap your gums really hard. Only since Chrissy Teigen is, like, mad famous and besties with Brooklyn Decker she can do that to a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models’ crotch (as opposed to just a sleeping dog’s stomach).

So yeah, there you have it.

Actually after some thought, Chrissy Teigen can teach us all a lot more than just social media stuff. This is the same woman who was just allowed to put her face in Brooklyn’s lap.

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