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No Bra GIFs for No Bra Day [GIFs]


Regardless of what your plans were this Sunday, make sure you get to spend some time outdoors because it’s going to be No Bra Day. Yes, this is a real thing that our Founding Fathers fought for.

Actually, just kidding. Our Founding Fathers actually fought to free us from taxation without representation but “No Bra Day” is a new idea this year designed to draw awareness to breast cancer (much like our 60 Best Natural Breasts post). Obviously taking off your bra or staring at a braless woman isn’t going to do much for cancer research so if you feel like actually doing something productive, donate to the Susan G Komen for the Cure foundation here.

We’re hoping that the founders of this newly-created No Bra Day aren’t stepping on the toes of National No Bra Day, which rests on July 9th.

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