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Sarah Spears on GREY’S ANATOMY [See Her Tonight]


Sarah Spears guests onĀ Grey’s Anatomy

(9:00 PM EST, ABC)

It’s always fun when we find a Miss COED amongst the hot babes showing up in our living rooms–and it takes a gal like Sarah Spears to get us tuning into Grey’s Anatomy. We haven’t followed the show in ages. Even the lesbian storylines couldn’t keep us entranced. Sarah Spears, however, is very entrancing. You’ll also see from these sexy pics that she’s a lot of fun. She’s the rare video game model who’s also really into the games, and has a real penchant for cosplay. In fact, that helped Sarah land her first national television role, when she backed up Nicki Minaj as a beautiful Barbie on the 2011 BET Awards.

Sarah’s having a busy 2013, too. It was just a few weeks ago that she showed up on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as a dead girl. Yeah. She was a victim of the Disco Strangler. Don’t mock that kind of role. Suzanne Somers started out as a dead girl in a Clint Eastwood movie. Sarah also got dolled up as a Russian dominatrix on The Client List. They need to bring her back on that show. We’re not in such a hurry for Sarah to settle in at Grey’s Anatomy. That probably won’t happen, anyway. Sarah is showing up as a waitress on the show. She has a better chance of showing up again on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

We’d really appreciate it if the showbiz industry would pick up on Sarah as a dedicated gamer. She’s the kind of gal who really shows up fake geeks. Same goes for the marvelous Mindy Robinson. We’d be a lot happier if the gaming industry was more selective with their promotional gals. Anyway, keep watching for Sarah. You might be watching her as Sarah Danielle Spears, which is becoming her common billing–and you can watch these pics to enjoy some very uncommon beauty…

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