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NHL Ice Girls’ Social Media: A Power Ranking [PHOTOS]


NHL Ice Girls don’t attract the same kind of press that cheerleaders or dancers of the NF or NBA get–but we’d like to see that change. That’s why we’re doing our part to let you know which hockey hotties you need to start following on your social media.

Financially speaking, the NHL is a struggling spectator sport so you’d think that teams would want added value for fans who pay to come watch the games.┬áThat’s why it’s strange to us that there are only 19 teams who employ Ice Girls (the Flyers disbanded theirs last year). Obviously no one’s going to pay for a game just to see sexy cheerleaders or dancers but entertainment is entertainment.

Take a look at the Dallas Stars Ice Girls. Their outreach is pretty impressive. And while the Stars’ game performances left a lot to be desired in 2012-2013, their Ice Girls team was out there every day winning the web with sexy selfies and promoting their Bikini Calendar.

When done well, Ice Girls are a great way to bring a team’s brand into all different types of conversations. When handled poorly, people kind of just forget that you’re around (I’m looking at you Islanders).

So in an attempt to get this all-important movement started, we’ve gone ahead and come up with a power ranking of NHL Ice Girls and their social media. Follow each and every one of them.

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