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Hey Handsome: You Can Always Do More With Degree


Two weeks ago, Wyatt and I joined¬†Degree¬†at Tough Mudder Tahoe (don’t worry, a what’s-sure-to-be-embarassing video is soon to come for your viewing pleasure). We were obviously worried about the difficulty of the course, running at such a high altitude (we’re sea level peeps, y’all) and not embarrassing Team COED back at the office. But what we were most scared of was how badly we would smell after completing our six hour physical challenge. Luckily for us, Degree was there to save us from the smells of mud, sweat and beers (yes, we drank at the finish line).

There’s truly a deodorant for everyone at Degree. No matter if you’re just a little smelly or could clear a room after a day of not showering, no body odor is safe with their supercharged sticks. But finding the correct formula for you requires a little trial and error every now and then. Thankfully, Degree is very clear about what each does. But one thing remains true across all of the product: they will allow you to DO MORE. After all, life it about overcoming obstacles and challenges, and Degree is there no matter what level of protection you need. Which formula is best for you? Check out our fact sheets in the gallery below and leave your smelly self behind.

  • COED Writer