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Mindy Robinson on IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA [See Her Tonight]


Mindy Robinson on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

(10:00 PM EST, FXX)

[UPDATE: iMDB lied to us, and Mindy’s episode of It’s Always Sunny won’t air until October 30th. That’s no reason not to enjoy the view, though…]

Guys, you totally aren’t going to believe this, but Mindy Robinson is playing a stripper on tonight’s episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! And you totally aren’t going to believe this, but Mindy Robinson can do a lot more than just play a stripper! Well, maybe you’ll believe that. Maybe you’re one of the many lucky guys who’ve enjoyed Mindy as an offbeat beauty whose bangin’ bod is just part of her many talents. It’s a been big year for Mindy, too. She’s already shown up on the big screen in Pain & Gain and Iron Man 3. (Her big screen debut was in last summer’s Ted.) Mindy was also hard to miss in the background of two episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.  Horror fans have just gotten the big thrill of seeing Mindy in a proper role in the eagerly-awaited anthology movie VHS 2.

There’s also plenty more of Mindy on the way. She has over 35 upcoming roles, including an appearance in the movie Stretch with Chris Pine, Ed Helms, and Jessica Alba. A lot of those other roles are fun exploitation projects–and Mindy is beloved in the geek scene as a genre gal who knows her nerdy references. We highly recommend following her on Twitter. She’s pretty generous with posting some pleasing pics there. And you won’t find many actresses daring to be this outspoken…

Yeah, a lot of people love Mindy. There aren’t many built blondes that can take any dialogue thrown at them and fill it with plenty of character. Mindy Robinson can be a serious young lady, too. She first landed in California to get her BA in American History, and has surprised a few celebrities with her surprising depth. You can also get a good idea of Mindy’s natural wit in her work as fake horror host Veronique Von Venom. A lot of her sparkling dialogue is improvised.

We’re thinking that the cast of  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was pleasantly surprised to have a lady of Mindy Robinson’s talents showing up on the set. Or maybe they were already Mindy fans. Let’s call them Mindyions. Yeah, that’s clever. Anyway, we’ll certainly be tuning in tonight, and turning on with the pics below–and we’ve added a few fabulous Mindy videos, as well. Then you might want to look back at when It’s Always Sunny surprised us with the sexy Symba, too…

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