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Did Marilyn Monroe Have Plastic Surgery? A Good Excuse To Stare At 50 Rare Photos…


It seems that Marilyn Monroe can still inspire headlines. The legendary movie star’s name has recently come up in an auction of personal papers. The papers aren’t even her own, though. They belonged to a plastic surgeon named Michael Gurdin , and the old medical files suggest that Marilyn Monroe–in her role as an unforgettable screen beauty–had some plastic surgery. Of course, there has always been some speculation about Monroe’s natural beauty. Her looks certainly seemed to have changed some over the years. Not that Marilyn wasn’t already gorgeous during her very early days as a model. Or her later years, as you can see by these amazing Playboy pics. ┬áThere just seemed to be subtle differences that can’t be explained by lighting. (You can check out 20 actresses who’ve tried to match that classic look.)

It’s also pretty intriguing that the main memo about a nose job is dated from June of 1962. That’s two months before her death. Nobody’s saying that Marilyn was messing with her famous looks back then, though. It seems that Marilyn had suffered a fall at home, and had gone to Gurdin–under her alias of Joan Newman–to have her famous face checked for any harm. Gurdin’s notes make reference to a chin implant and the changing status of Marilyn’s nose.

The auction also includes X-rays of that same chin and nose. We can’t argue with that as movie memorabilia. We’re tempted to argue over the chin implant, though. Check out the gallery below for another opportunity to study the sex symbol. You’ll see that the chin has looked the same for most of Marilyn Monroe’s career—but these documents don’t say how early the surgery was done. It does, however, note that the chin implant is showing signs of decay. That would mean it had been casting those famous features for a while. This whole thing will most likely inspire debate over whether or not there really is an infamous stag film of Marilyn having sex on camera. At least the guy trying to sell that footage has something to say to his detractors.

Meanwhile, we’re just going to take this opportunity to marvel at Marilyn Monroe. A lot of actresses had plastic surgery in the ’50s and ’60s. Heck, even Dean Martin had a nose job. We still say there was something special about Marilyn that made that face a legend. Take a look for yourself–and then check out 20 things about Marilyn that you (probably) didn’t know…

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