October 9, 2013: Today is THE TOMORROW PEOPLE—-With Carly Pope (Today)

If you’re a real sci-fi geek, then you’re very excited about today’s debut of The Tomorrow People on The CW. It’s a new take on a very fun old BBC show from the 1970s about a group of groovy young people who are the next step in human evolution. It was real teenybopper stuff back then, too, and aired on Monday afternoons. A lot of kids in England put off doing their homework to watch some swinging ’70s sci-fi–which looked like this…

Don’t laugh. The show ran from 1973 to 1979, and kept kids enthralled while…well, okay, yeah. It was pretty laughable. The plots were dopey even during the first season, and got really crazy by the end. Nobody ever gave the show a better budget, either. But tonight’s American revival of The Tomorrow People will likely go for a vibe that’s slightly more hip. It’s from The CW, after all, so they’re about hip young programming.

The good news is that we’re getting the retro touch of Carly Pope as a token older gal on the show–which returns her to her roots, since the Canadian cutie first broke through in America as the star of the 1999 teen series Popular, which debuted on The WB, which was the network that begat The CW. Carly briefly seemed set to be a breakout star, and made it to the multiplexes in 2002’s Orange County. Things didn’t work out, though, and Carly briefly went back to her homeland to concentrate on Canadian television.

Then she gave Hollywood a second shot, with Carly very eager to show that she was all grown up. She played a militant lesbian in the indie Itty Bitty Titty Committee, and then took her Sapphic stylings to the F/X series Dirt for an extended story arc. She swung back to Canada for the sexually explicit movie YPF, and also made a dopey Syfy (then Sci-Fi) Channel movie about a Yeti, but seemed cool again with a two-episode stint on Californication. Carly also had a nice run on the final season of 24.

Then she pretty much settled back into being a Canadian actress, which brings her back to American television, because The CW likes to shoot their shows in Vancouver. Life is cheap there. Carly Pope still seems pretty precious, though, and these pics will get you excited about The Tomorrow People tonight. We’re not sure if kids today need another show about teens who are just inherently more interesting and exciting than other people, but that’s what adolescent drama is all about. That, and discovering gals like Carly Pope…

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