The Weirdest Florida Mugshot Photos Ever Taken

Solely judging from some of the crimes that are committed there, Florida is the weirdest state in the country. You really can’t argue against those facts when you have zombies eating both bath salts/humans and women simultaneously smoking meth/burning down the oldest trees in the world.

Point and case: Let’s say I show you this mugshot of Mr. James Way here (charged with¬†trespassing and disorderly conduct)¬†and I ask you to guess where in the Continental United States he’s from. My bet is that you’ll say Florida. See what I mean?

So when you come across a post titled “Weird Florida Mugshots: A Round Up Of The State’s Wackiest Criminals” you know that you’re in for a strange treat. It’s the weirdest of the weird.

Check Out The Most WTF Mugshots From The State Of Florida Here

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