Sarah Shahi on PERSON OF INTEREST [See Her Tonight]

Sarah Shahi on Person of Interest

(10:00 PM EST, CBS)

Technically, this column is supposed to be about actresses making guest appearances on television shows, and we know that Sarah Shahi is now supposed to be an official part of the Person of Interest cast, but…well, it all still seems like a dream, you know? Especially with Person of Interest coming up with episodes like tonight’s “Lady Killer,” where her character is brought in as a honey trap to catch a scheming playboy. Sarah is even making a very intriguing promise via her Twitter account

Besides, we were kind of skimpy with the Shahi pics during our last look at her in our (otherwise generous) Girls of Fall Television feature. That must’ve been the day we were reviewing the synthetic marijuana. We’re much better now, and this new gallery has plenty of sensational Sarah Shahi moments. There’s plenty to share. We first got shaking over Sarah when she showed up on Alias, and then she made it to the multiplexes in Old School way back in 2003. We also saw her in the Supernatural pilot back in 2005.

That was also the year that Sarah–a native Texan born unto this world as Aahoo Jahansous Shahi–got lusciously lesbianic on the Showtime series The L Word. She’d rock our world (and a lot of that show’s cast) right up to the series’ end in 2009. She also had a regular network show called Life that never really took off in the ratings. Neither did her starring role in the USA network’s quirky law show Fairly Legal. She didn’t do much better in the movie theaters with a lead role in 2012’s Bullet to the Head–which went underseen as an ’80s action throwback.

These pics below, however, should hit you like a bullet in the pants. In a good way. You know what we mean. We’re saying that Sarah is the rare gal who’s managed to embrace her wild side while also delivering plenty of fine adult performances. Even her L Word character of Carmen de la Pica Morales was one of the show’s more centered characters. Carmen could be a fiery Latina lesbian sometimes, but she was mostly pretty cool. We don’t think she killed Jenny Schecter. You don’t remember Jenny Schechter? Man, you need to catch up on The L Word

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