Playboy Model Cristy Nicole Deweese Exposed as High School Spanish Teacher [25 PHOTOS]


What kind of world do we live in where a dedicated schoolteacher like Cristy Nicole Deweese can’t take off her clothes for the Playboy empire? A world gone mad, we say. And yet it’s absolutely true that Cristy is actually being hounded for nothing more than getting naked in really hot photo shoots. Miss Deweese–as she’s known to her Spanish students at Townview Magnet High School in Dallas, Texas–is being unfairly prosecuted for the simple crime of being a 21-year-old beauty willing to bare her soul (nd bod) on the Playboy website as Coed of the Month.

That sounds like a damn high honor to us. We’d gladly hire anybody with that title on their resumé. Cristy Nicole Deweese, however, is being hounded by an irresponsible press that’s worried that teenage boys might actually see her fine modeling work in lingerie and winter gear–not to mention a lesbian photo shoot, and Cristy’s naked communing with nature. We should also note that Cristy did her work for Playboy at the age of 18–and she was already declaring her dream to become a Spanish teacher.

Which she achieved, and which should be celebrated, along with fulfilling the dreams of plenty of men who didn’t even know that Cristy Nicole Deweese existed. You can hear Cristy talking about her love for teaching here–while you fall in love with a few other things…

Anyway, the parents are causing an uproar at the school–but we’d rather concentrate on Cristy causing an uproar in our pants. Check out these pics that cover the fine Texan lady’s extensive modeling career. Well, as extensive as you can manage in three years. We think you’ll agree that Cristy’s body has managed a fine body of work. We certainly offer Cristy all of support here at COED, and we’re hoping that the men and women of the Dallas School Board will support this gal who has already fulfilled her dream of providing a higher education to our nation’s children.

And our nation’s men, because we sure feel like we’re learning something from going over these photos….

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