10 Sexiest Croatian Women (for Croatian Independence Day, Yeah)

Was anyone surprised that George Clooney was recently romantically connected with a Croatian model? The only mystery was how he could finally settle on Monika Jakisic.┬áIf there’s anything that we’ve learned from world affairs over the past few years, it’s that the country of Croatia has plenty of incredibly hot gals. They’ve practically been pouring out of the place since the war-torn region began its recovery in the mid-1990s. We bet that the United States would’ve had lots of volunteers parachuting into the place if the guys had just known about Croatian gals back then.

Croatian Independence Day is officially celebrated on October 8th, as the country marks the anniversary of dissolving any associations with Yugoslavia. Technically, that’s the day that Croatian models were invented. We think that warrants a parade right there. It isn’t easy, but we’ve chosen our own Top Ten of Croatian models, and it’s a pretty good collection. We have some local gals who need to break out bigger, and a few very big names who’ve helped to give Croatia one hell of a regional reputation. Today we salute honor and freedom and duty and booty, with a crew of Croatian gals who can make our shorts stand up and salute!


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