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Meet Ruby Rose: We Like Demi Lovato’s (Alleged) Taste in Lesbian Lovers [PHOTOS]


So it seems that Demi Lovato might be a Method Actor when it comes to her lesbian love scenes in Glee. That’s according to the Australian lady DJ named Ruby Rose–who’s saying that the X Factor judge is amongst the ladies who’ve gotten X-rated with the awesome Aussie. Ruby Rose has gotten around, too. The proudly bisexual beauty is also amongst the hot babes that have slept with Wilmer Valderrama. Yeah, the guy who played Fez on That ’70s Show. Don’t get us started again on all of the hot babes that have slept with Fez.

Besides, we’re more interested in the hot babe that Ruby Rose is citing as a former lover. Which, in case you’ve forgotten, is Demi Lovato–who kissed a girl on Glee last week. Seriously. We even have a picture….

Ruby Rose is probably wishing that she had kept a picture of her (alleged) antics with Demi. Right now, the Australia DJ (who, really, is pretty famous in her own right) has created a Twitter storm by posting some idle musings about her relationship with Demi. This one is our favorite…

….especially because it wasn’t so long ago that we were covering rumors that a former lover was peddling pics of naked Demi Lovato—which was a rumor made even more interesting by talk that it was a lady selling the pics. But we don’t think it was Ruby Rose. Well, it doesn’t seem likely. Ruby Rose is already a success, and surely the sistahood wouldn’t let one gal sell out another gal just to get her name in the American papers, right?

That’s something to think about–once we’re done thinking about Demi Lovato and Ruby Rose rolling around the sheets somewhere. Check out these pictures below, and you’ll be lured into the same happy thoughts. Ruby Rose can look kind of tough, but she’s also got a slammin’ bod that…well, it allegedly gives us something in common with Demi Lovata.

Unlike the lovely Demi, however, we’ve all taken a blood vow here at COED to never have sex with any woman who’s had sex with Wilmer  Valderrama. None of us would really keep that pledge, of course, but it’s a pretty good excuse for not having had sex with Ruby Rose. Or even Demi Lovato. That’s guilt by association. You won’t feel guilty looking at these pics, though…

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