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MTV has unleashed the 90-minute deluxe version of Miley: The Movement unto the internets–and there are some pretty interesting moments amongst the added half-hour. Even better, there are some pretty sexy shots added in there, along with a few additional WTF moments. All of this couldn’t come at a better time, either. Miley was fairly tame while hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. We’ve already shown you the sexiest moments from that show, but we know that Miley Cyrus’ public is always wanting more!

See, we know that because we’re part of Miley’s public. Bangerz is coming out with a bang tomorrow, and most of us in the COED offices have become believers in Miley’s pop sound. We understand if you’ve been put off, though. Just check out the cheesy fawning copy that MTV provides for the video feed to the Deluxe Edition of Miley: The Movement. It’s pretty painful to read a headline for a video segment like “At The VMA Promo Shoot, Miley Commands Respect And Talks About Her Creative Vision.” Guess it’s too bad that Miley was too busy to cure cancer that day, too.

And check out this spin for the segment where Miley (rightfully) gets pissed because MTV screwed up her grand entrance at the VMA Awards: “A hiccup in Cyrus’ planned arrival causes the star to momentarily lose her cool before she calmly composes herself, walks the red carpet and heads backstage to prep for her 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performance.” Well, that certainly sounds reasonable.

Anyway, we’ve pored over the new footage and pulled our favorite hot pics from Miley: The Movement: Deluxe. These are mostly pretty sexy shots. And a few of them are sexy but baffling, and we’re pretty sure that one in there will just seem baffling. But if you find that shot to be sexy–well, we will not judge you. As Miley herself says, “Only God can judge me.” That was Miley, right? It’s hard to keep track of all of our MTV icons. You’ll want to keep track of these new pics, though–and then we suggest checking out more of our favorite Miley moments.

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