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Learn All The Different Types Of Beer With The ‘Magnificent Magnitude of Beer’


It wouldn’t be a proper Beer Month if we didn’t show you all the different families of beers and how they’re related to one each other. Luckily for both of us, the guys over at Pop Chart Lab got their hands on “The Magnificent Magnitude of Beer” a 60″ x 40″ chart that plots out the different families of beer.

What makes “The Magnificent Magnitude of Beer” especially interesting is that not only does it break down beers from larger categories into smaller styles (i.e. from Lager –> German Lager –> Munich Lager –> Munich Dunkel), you can then see singular labels that fit the detailed description. It even goes as far as showing you what glass to serve it in.

If you’re looking to buy the full map (which goes great on huge walls) we suggest that you do so soon. Pre-orders are going on now (ships on October 9th) and this thing is likely to sell out.

Price: Starts at $90

Size: 60″ x 40″


It’s not Rocktober. It’s not Schlocktober. It’s not just October, either. We’re officially celebrating Beer Month at COED, where we’re writing about everyone’s favorite sudsy beverage! We mean, more than usual. So keep looking for the bubbly border to find out fascinating facts, along with very vital tips on how to be quaffing down the very best in beer.

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