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October 7, 2013: WWE’s Kaitlyn Has A Big Beautiful Birthday [40 Pics]


Here’s one lady whose birthday you don’t want to get caught forgetting. The WWE’s Kaitlyn–born unto this Earth as Celeste Beryl Bonin–is 27 years old. It would pretty much be a cliché to note that she was born in Texas. Still, the Houston native certainly grew up big, with the young body builder starting as a fitness model at the age of 19. She ended up fit enough to win plenty of bodybuilding awards. Kaitlyn made it into the fitness big time with a Flex photo shoot in 2009, and the World Wresting Entertainment group came calling shortly afterwards. (Catch up with other WWE beauties here.)

Kaitlyn started out in 2010 in the WWE’s Florida farm team. That was back when she was known as Celeste. She also briefly fought as Ricki Vaughn before officially becoming Kaitlyn. That’s the persona she took to the WWE’s NXT reality show, where she built up a rivalry with Vickie Guerrero. Highlights from that show included a limbo contest, Kaitlyn getting caught fooling around with Vickie’s boyfriend Dolph Ziggler, and Kaitlyn throwing up on Vickie. That last thing was totally an accident, though.

But what about the serious side of Kaitlyn’s sports career? Well, that’s been pretty stellar. Kaitlyn’s role with the WWE empire took off when she formed the Chickbusters tag team with A.J. Lee at the start of 2011. By the end of that summer, Kaitlyn was competing in her first WWE Divas Championship. The Chickbusters also had a nice rivalry going with the Divas of Doom. Tensions began to develop between Kaitlyn and A.J., and there was also some drama when Kaitlyn was once again caught pinning down the boyfriend of another WWE gal–this time, stealing Derrick Bateman away from the wrestler known as Maxine.

Sadly, Kaitlyn isn’t celebrating her birthday as the WWE Diva Champion. She lost that title to (her now-rival A.J. Lee) this past summer. That was in Kaitlyn’s hometown of Houston, which was particularly sad–and also, Kaitlyn’s former friend Layla helped out A.J. in defeating Kaitlyn. We don’t know why Kaitlyn can’t do a better job of choosing friends in the WWE. Anyway, Kaitlyn took some time away from the ring after that defeat, but announced in September that she was getting back in the ring. Good for her–and great for guys, as you’ll agree after checking out some pics that’ll give you an Atomic Wedgie Bomb in your underwear….

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