Teen Wolf’s Holland Roden Has Us Howlin’ [40 Pics]

Teen Wolf has been a surprise hit for MTV, but Holland Roden has been an even bigger surprise as its breakout star. Of course, nobody’s going to look at Holland and not see star potential. The official big deal is that MTV didn’t just get a hot young supporting actress for Teen Wolf. The network also discovered the brightest on-air talent that they’ve had in a long time–and she’s celebrating her 27th(!) birthday today.

So what we’re saying is that Holland isn’t just another pretty face or ravishing redhead. We’re talking about a gal who was studying molecular biology before heading into acting–and who still returned to college for a degree in Women’s Studies. Yes, that sounds scarier than anything we’ve ever seen on Teen Wolf. We’re still not afraid of Holland Roden as an outspoken young gal who’s brought real life to one of the classiest sidekicks on teen television.

Holland’s character of Lydia Martin was a big surprise on Teen Wolf, as well. She was originally introduced as a shallow young lady, but it wasn’t long before Lydia was showing off some unexpected depth. In fact, Lydia was soon revealed to have a genius IQ. She just plays down that fact to maintain her social standing. Lydia keeps her GPA a secret from her parents, and even pretends to be bad at bowling to win over a guy. ¬†Most importantly, Lydia is a liberated gal who likes sex. A lot. With many different men–and, if the ratings ever start to sag, she’s probably on the short list to have a lesbian affair. There’s probably already lots of dirty fan-fiction about Holland and her comely costar Crystal Reed.

Lydia doesn’t get to be a werewolf, though. She turns out to be a banshee–which is a figure in Irish folklore whose screams foreshadow death. Right now, that just means that Lydia can scream loud enough to be heard for several miles. It’s kind of disappointing that Lydia didn’t first learn about that skill during one of her romantic romps. We would’ve liked to have seen that.

Anyway, Holland Roden has also discovered a talent for talking to her fellow celebrities, and MTV has made really good use of her on the red carpet for plenty of events. That pretty much makes Holland a triple threat as actress, model, and television personality–and we suspect that she’ll keep adding to her resum√©. For now, though, let’s celebrate Holland’s 27th birthday as an all-around impressive gal who can still inspire plenty of shallow thoughts…




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