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Cynthia Murell on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER [See Her Tonight]


Cynthia Murell on How I Met Your Mother

(8:00 PM EST, CBS)

She’s not the future mother on How I Met Your Mother, but Cynthia Murell should sure shake up the plot. We’d be willing to alter the future after having a gal like Cynthia alter our inseams. Instead, Cynthia seems to only have a small role in tonight’s episode–even though it’s the second time that she’s appeared on the show as an anonymous beautiful woman.

That’s still a big relief, since we were afraid that this final season of HIMYM was going to get pretty skimpy in showing a parade of luscious ladies. Past favorites have included the likes of Tara Holt, Rebecca Creskoff, Nicole Andrews, Nikki Limo, and Abby Elliott. Cynthia Murell gets to join a long line of gorgeous gals–but she’s no generic pretty face. Cynthia first caught our eye when she showed up amongst a bevy of babes on an episode of New Girl. That was enough to get us stalking watching for Cynthia’s next big turn–and then there she was, prominently featured in the promotional pics for last week’s episode of HIMYM.

Maybe we were delusional in hoping that meant Cynthia would be a regular presence on the show. That’s why we went ahead and featured Hunter Elizabeth, instead–and no harm came from that, right? Anyway, Cynthia is back on HIMYM tonight, but it looks like the end of the road for her character. Who still doesn’t have a name, but will likely become a legend when we look back at the surprisingly-classic sitcom in 2023.

We can’t look at Cynthia enough right now. Hollywood still needs to be providing us with more opportunities. Fortunately, the geniuses of the Le French Mustache channel at Funny or Die cast Cynthia in a fun role for a comedy clip called “New Car.” You get to see Cynthia show off her comic skills while also displaying some real passion. It’s played for laughs, but you’ll be taking Cynthia very seriously…

And, of course, Cynthia’s photographs are also very serious business. We’re big fans of herĀ Instagram account. You can also get in on the ground floor of her Twitter account. Cynthia just joined Twitter a few weeks ago, and doesn’t have many followers. We wish that we could buy Twitter accounts like stocks, though. We get a feeling that she has one that’s about to really blow up…

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