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Watch Rihanna In Her New Video ‘Pour It Up’ [Video+Photos]


Britney Spears wasn’t the only pop star to release a hot new video this week. Rihanna has put out one of her own for her song “Pour It Up.” The video is basically set in a strip club in some sort of underwater kingdom. If the lost city of Atlantis was going to need a high end strip club, it would look a lot like the one in this video. In fact, we’re going to see if there is a kickstarter campaign to fund an Atlantis exploration just in case this strip club actually exists.

The twerking in this video puts Miley Cyrus to shame. Not only does Rihanna show off her twerking skills, but several backup dancers do as well. Also, we’re sure there are plenty of other twerking videos out there that do this too, but this video shows that there is no better place to twerk than in a pool of shallow water. Now that we’ve seen it, it seems so obvious. We woudn’t be surprised if millionaires started installing small “twerking pools” in their bedrooms. They could even put rare fish in the pool, so it can double as an aquarium. This might become so popular that there could be a reality show based around the country’s No. 1 Custom Twerk Pool manufacturer and his demanding celebrity clients. If that ever happens, we demand some roaylties.

Enough of this Twerk Pool speculation (but seriously, if you steal this idea, we will find you), let’s get back to the video. You can see some extra footage in this behind the scenes video.

You get to see lots more of the backup dancers and their amazing pole work. We’d like to see more videos of Nicole “The Pole” Williams. Candance Cane looks pretty great too, but unfortuately she doesn’t have a cool nickname. How about Candace “Candy” Cane? Anyway, the behind the scenes video is also pretty cool because it shows just how incredibly complicated it is to make a short video of a partially submerged strip club. It must have cost millions of the Rihianna Bucks that are seen throughout the video.

via NY Daily News

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