These Are The Robots That Will Kill Us All [Video]

If you’ve seen the “Terminator” movies (and if you haven’t, then how can you even call yourself a man?), then you remember how Skynet became self aware and started a war between men and machines that almost led to the end of the human race. At least that’s just a movie, and we are not even close to that ever happening in real life. Right? Well have you ever heard of DARPA or Boston Dynamics?

DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and is part of the Departmemt of Defense that develops new projects for the military. Boston Dynamics is an engineering and robotics design company that builds highly advanced robots for organizations worldwide, including the US Army. Unlike Skynet, both of these agencies are real. Is it likely that their robots will turn against their creators? Not really…at least we hope so. But it’s pretty easy to imagaine that happening when you look at the robots.

Boston Dynamics just released this video of their new robot WildCat earlier this week. So far WildCat has reached a top speed of 16mph. Boston Dynamics says that it is designed to help with emergency rescue, firefighting, disaster recovery, agriculture and supporting military operations.
WildCat looks like a slightly more advanced version of the Cheetah robot. Although Cheetah needs a support system to stay upright, it probably won’t be long before it can reach speeds of 28mph on its own.
BigDog is designed to carry heavy loads on all sorts of terrains. Watch what happens when someone tries to knock it over on a patch of ice.
SandFlea may look like a toy car, but it is easy to imagine this thing chasing you as you jump from rooftop to rooftop.
RHex looks like it could be a cute character in a Pixar movie. It also looks like it can be a surveillance robot who tries to find people hiding in the woods.
This is PETMAN. It’s used to test equipment for soldiers, but it’s a little too close to the Terminator robots for us.

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