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Here’s The Sexiest That Miley Cyrus Got Last Night On SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE [Photos + Video]



Well, last night’s Saturday Night Live was disappointing. The only person who got naked was Bobby Moynihan. Host (and musical guest) Miley Cyrus seemed determined to play against type and not do anything really raunchy or wear anything skimpy. The cold opening was a fantasy of Older Miley warning Younger Miley not to go twerking at the VMAs, and it was painful for two reasons: it seemed like a forced way to give Miley another forum to explain her performance, and also made it seem like Young Miley was taking Older Miley’s advice for the rest of the show.

Miley didn’t even loosen up during her two musical numbers–which, to be fair, were probably the most impressive parts of the show. That includes a subdued take on “We Can’t Stop” that her management should already be putting up on iTunes. The sexiest moment was also kind of dopey–at least in the sense that the Saturday Night Live writing staff proved that they were also the Not Ready for the Daily Show Players. There’s no real wit or depth to this “We Can’t Stop” parody video about the current government shutdown, featuring Miley Cyrus as a sexed-up version of Representative Michelle Bachmann.

To be fair, the writers were probably just desperate for some kind of sketch to get Miley twerking. “It’s political,” they probably pleaded, and Miley figured there’s noting wrong with being relevant. There’s certainly nothing wrong with the new sight of Miley being all sexy in business attire. That’s reason alone to check out the clip here–but you might get more pleasure out of moving on to the gallery below. And then we suggest checking out more of our favorite Miley moments….

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