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Lizet Garcia on REVENGE [See Her Tonight]


Lizet Garcia gets Revenge

(9:00 PM EST, ABC)

Tonight’s episode of Revenge is titled “Sin”–and it’s a damn sin to cast a gal like Lizet Garcia in a small role as a camera gal who doesn’t even get a proper name. It’s an even bigger sin to cast Lizet Garcia in any part without finding a role for her twin sister Lisa Garcia, too. We will, however, concede that those are just minor sins, and pretty forgivable for another chance to see the lovely Lizet.

You’ve probably seen both Lizet and Lisa, too. The stunning fitness models made a sisterly acting debut as soap opera actors in Grown Ups 2. Don’t act like you didn’t go see Grown Ups 2. That thing made over $100 million in the U.S. alone. Anyway, Lizet and Lisa made a memorable debut in nurse’s outfits. Look how happy they made Adam Sandler…

 A lot of guys were growing up in their pants over Lizet and Lisa. It was a big deal for the ladies, who had just made their move from their hometown in the Rio Grande Valley area of Texas.

And not to brag, but this isn’t the first time that this column has had twins. Remember the Pacitto Sisters? Lizet and Lisa have taken to billing themselves as The Sisters Garcia. That’s pretty smart. Sadly, the ladies don’t have much of a Twitter presence–but you can enjoy some double vision at the Sisters Garcia Facebook page. They recently posted a picture of a very young Lisa and Lizet posing with Bill Clinton. We bet Clinton would love to recreate this photograph today…

But we will dwell on the present. Lisa has been taking a break from acting since Grown Ups 2, and Revenge is only Lizet’s second role–but Lizet is also in one of our most anticipated films of 2014. (Robert Rodriguez is probably already kicking himself for missing out on the chance to put his fellow Texans into Machete Kills. ) Lizet is all set to play a pleasing policewoman in the upcoming Terror Toons 3–which is part of a fun series that uses some of the hottest Scream Queens in film history. Lizet will be the pleasing new blood amongst gals like Beverly Lynne, Linnea Quigley, and Debbie Rochon.

The movie also has veteran video vixen Brinke Stevens, who’ll be making her directorial debut. We know that a gal like that will know what to do with Lizet–just as you’ll know what to do with this mix of pics that have Lizet as a solo act and paired with her sister’s pairs. And don’t forget to tune in Lizet tonight…

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