Celebrate National Noodle Day With These Cool Ramen Videos [Video]

Happy National Noodle Day! Today is the one day out of the year when everyone in America puts aside their differences to celebrate the thing that binds us all togther: noodles. America’s love of noodles is older than the country itself. It all began at the first Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims were starving, and the Native Americans told them how cheap ramen noodles are. OK, that didn’t actually happen, but isn’t that better than the real story of the first Thanksgiving? No? Fine, but we can all agree that noodles are awesome. Perhaps no noodle is more awesome than the ramen noodle. You can eat it right out of the bag when you’re super poor, or you can go to a restaurant and get some fancy, cooked ramen when you are slightly less poor. It’s one hell of a noodle, so we’ve found some cool videos to honor ramen on this special day.

Ramen and beards have never looked more disgusting than in this video. Yet, somehow, we really want to do this and are incredibly jealous of this glorious man. He’s taken two staples of poverty, ramen noodles and a giant beard, and made them popular. Well done, sir!
Do you want to have an eating competition but don’t have enough money for hot dogs? Then use ramen! The brothers in this video put together a tough eating challenge with several plates of this wonderful noodle. The video is also enjoyable because Shady, one of the brothers, looks incredibly high.
Even the hip hop world has embraced ramen, and the hip hop world usually likes to talk about stuff that costs more than $1 per bag. Steven Jo’s song “Ramen Noodle Soup” will get stuck in your head and make you incredibly hungry.
When you’re watching football today and thinking about what food you want to order before the next game starts, don’t think of the normal options like wings or pizza. Remember that today is National Noodle Day and do your part to be a patriotic American. Spend $3, and get enough ramen to feed you and your friends for a week.

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