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Watch These Not So Cool James Bond Moments [Video]


Today is the 51st anniversary of the first ever James Bond film “Dr. No.” By now James Bond is known worldwide as a total badass, but “Dr. No” initially received mixed reviews from critics. “Dr. No” is now regarded as one of the best movies in the whole Bond franchise. The franchise currently includes 23 films. As badass as James Bond is, when you make 23 movies, there are going to be a few scenes that don’t hold up to the test of time.

In “Live and Let Die,” James Bond has to battle against the evil Dr. Kananga. Like all good villains, Dr. Kananga has a secret lair that contains a shark pool. When Bond and Kananga fall into the pool, it’s not the shark that Kananga should be worried about. It’s a pellet that makes you float into the air and then explode.

This scene in “A View To A Kill” starts off pretty cool when Bond’s snowmobile breaks down and he’s forced to use a makeshift snowboard to escape down a mountain. Still, the Beach Boys music seems like an odd choice.

With his massive size and indestructible metallic teeth, Jaws is one of one of the the most iconic henchmen in all of the Bond films. But we all have our weakness. As we saw in “Moonraker,” Jaws’ weakness is one common to most men: a large pair of breasts.

When Bond goes to Venice in “Moonraker,” he can’t just drive any normal gondola. This Italian hovercraft is probably not the coolest thing Bond’s ever driven, but it does make a pigeon do a double-take.

In “Die Another Day,” Bond has to escape from a collapsing glacier that ends up creating a massive wave. All he has to use to escape is a parachute and a surfboard. Sounds exciting, but the CGI looks terrible.

Bond has to run over the back of live crocodiles in “Live and Let Die.” In real life, it was the stuntman who actually had to run over the backs of real crocodiles. After watching all the attempts, the final scene barely seems worth the danger.

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