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Character Posters: Amy Adams & Jennifer Lawrence in AMERICAN HUSTLE, Alexa Vega in MACHETE KILLS


Here are three new movie posters that’ll get you kicked out of the movie theater lobby! Well, if you have the same kind of poor impulse control that makes for great COED editors. Maybe you can be better behaved when you see these new character posters for American Hustle‘s Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence–and we’re adding an exciting new look at Alexa Vega in Machete Kills.

We’ve been hotly anticipating Alexa Vega in Machete Kills for about a year now. Alexa’s kept us inspired by putting up plenty of pics of herself during the production. She’s made it no secret that the former Spy Kids girl is a Spy Woman now. (Feel free to catch up with those sexy shots.) Actually, we think Alexa is playing a she-assassin in Machete Kills–which is opening this coming Friday. Your zippers might be opening right now as you check out Alexa’s awesome pose as a comely killer….

Then we go from a deadly dame to disco divas . Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence are all dolled up in character for American Hustle. Even the title sounds like a disco epic, but American Hustle really has its two starlets caught up in government corruption in 1970s New Jersey. Yeah, that doesn’t sound glamorous–but Amy and Jennifer look ready to bring in some paying customers when the film is released on a very lucky Friday, December 13th, 2013.

First, here’s Jennifer Lawrence as the wild wife of a con man who’ll be played in the movie by a (pretty unrecognizable) Christian Bale. If you like the way she looks below, then check out our 50 Favorite Hot Jennifer Lawrence Photos:

Christian Bale is one lucky con man, too, since Amy Adams is in the movie as his mistress Sydney Prosser–who’s a fellow criminal and a British babe whose beauty is no con job. American Hustle is directed by the very prestigious director David O. Russell, but we know which cast members are bringing the real prestige to this project. Enjoy the amazing Amy and her sultry sideboob below–and then enjoy our collection of amazing Amy Adam gifs. Or go to your local multiplex and see if these posters are on display. But seriously, you have to behave yourself at the multiplex nowadays…

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