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Cocktails to Celebrate National Vodka Day


In case you haven’t heard, today isĀ National Vodka Day, so we’re obviously celebrating with some delicious cocktails. But first, a brief history on this killer spirit.

Scholars debate the beginnings of vodka, as there is little historical material on the spirit. But estimation tells us first production began in Russia in the late 9th century, and some say it started earlier in Poland sometime in the 8th century. According to the Gin and Vodka Association, the first distillery was documented more than 300 years later at Khlynovsk, as reported in the Vyatka Chronicle of 1174. Vodka can be distilled from any starch or sugar-rich plant, but it’s mostly made with potatoes, rice and sugar beets.

See, learning is fun! And because you listened so intently, we won’t hold back your buzz any longer. Here are three cocktails to help you celebrateĀ National Vodka Day.

COED Writer