Michelle Dockery on Great Performances [See Her Tonight]

Michelle Dockery onĀ Great Performances

(9:00 PM EST, PBS)

So why would you spend a Friday evening at home watching PBS? Well, for one thing, you refuse to live up to the modern stereotype of young men who spend Friday evenings playing the hottest new game before hitting the clubs. Also, the PBS anthology series Great Performances is currently airing the British television collection The Hollow Crown: Shakespeare’s History Plays–and tonight’s episode is “Henry IV, Part 2,” which continues Tom Hiddleston’s fine work as Prince Hal. Yeah, that’s right. Loki himself, and you’re also getting a gander at Michelle Dockery.

Michelle Dockery first knocked us out of our sockerys when she hit the red carpet at this year’s Emmy Awards. We knew the gal from her work on Downton Abbey, of course, but this was the first time that she got us Yanks ready to…well, you know. Downton Abbey isn’t exactly a showcase for sexy outfits, you know, but we plunged into the depths of the internet and discovered that Michelle’s fine bod has managed to be showcased in some pretty fine period finery.

Of course, we’re the kind of vulgar Americans who didn’t discover Michelle sooner–although it’s not like we missed out on her early work on the BBC version of Baywatch. She started out as a legit stage gal with the National Theatre. We didn’t even notice Michelle when she showed up in the cool British film trilogy of Red Riding movies. She hit the American multiplexes in the kiddie-assassin film Hanna back in 2011, but was killed off too quickly to get our attention. Now we’re anxious to track down her role as the sexually-repressed governess in the 2009 BBC adaptation of Henry James’ classic ghost story The Turn of the Screw. We bet she’s hot in that one.

So now we’re just another gang of Americans tuning in to Downton Abbey. You might be doing the same, with or without your girlfriend. And while Michelle Dockery’s character on the show is part of a more mannered time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at plenty of these pics below. We might all be surprised by her PBS performance, too. There were some pretty low-cut wenches running around in Shakespeare’s time…

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