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Laura Aleman Will Get You Running to ‘RUNNER RUNNER’


The big movie this weekend is Gravity, but there’s also the flashy dirty-money movie Runner Runner. Justin Timberlake is the college grad who finds himself swindled and goes after Ben Afflec as the man behind an internet gambling empire. There’s also Gemma Arterton as the official love interest. Runner Runner also has a secret weapon, though, and it’s one that’ll get you defying gravity in your pants. We’re talking about the gorgeous Laura Aleman in a stealth role as a masseuse–and that’s a name that’ll get certain savvy guys ready to line up at the box office.

It wasn’t that long ago that Laura Aleman was just another aspiring actress back in Puerto Rico. She took a quick detour for some proper training in New York City, but was soon back in her native land and ready to break out big–and was promptly back working in commercials. The closest that Laura made it to international success was being a stand-in for Ana De la Reguera on the set of HBO’s Eastbound & Down. Things couldn’t have seemed too promising for Laura when she finally signed on to the Univison reality show Protagonistas. That’s kind of a cross between Big Brother and American Idol, with talented folks locked up together while competing for a showbiz contract.

The official prize for an actress was a role in the Univision telenovela El Talisman. As it turned out, Laura also charmed the audience, and won the Protagonistas season with a huge new fan base. Laura skipped El Talisman and went straight to some television guest roles–and is finally making it to the big screen in Runner Runner. There are a lot of people in Puerto Rico cheering on Laura like she was trying to get back to Earth on a leftover tile from the space shuttle. We know that you’re probably lining up for Gravity tonight, but check out these pics for a very good reason to give some attention to Runner Runner. It’s not a bad movie, anyway. It’s kind of like a sequel to that dirty-money movie Affleck made back in the ’90s called Boiler Room. Now check out Laura and get your blood boiling….

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