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Hooters Turns 30: Celebrate With 30 Vintage Hooters Girls


It’s a big day for the Hooters restaurant chain. It’s a big day for America, with the first Hooters establishment opening on October 4, 1983, in Clearwater, Florida. That means the visionary Hooters empire is celebrating its 30th anniversary. It’s going to be a party, too, since the Hooters of this great land will be hosting a reunion part for all of their former waitresses. It seems that Hooters isn’t just a destination for red-blooded males tonight. It’s a destination for lovers of MILFs, too.

The parties tonight probably won’t include two-time Academy Award nominee Amy Adams, but she certainly stands tall as a former Hooters gal. The same goes for Glee‘s Naya Rivera. Don’t forget the Playboy empire’s own Holly Madison, either. Hooters provided early support to sportscaster Leeann Tweeden, too. Seriously, one of those gals should stop by for a cold brew and some chicken wings. They could provide some inspiration to other aspiring talents–like the kind you can watch in this behind-the-scenes video for the 2013 Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant…

And here’s a gallery to help you start ogling the Hooters waitresses of decades past. We’ve added a few modern gals, but you’re really going to appreciate the pioneering Hooters Girls who helped the restaurant establish its reputation for fine fried foods and friendly service. Also, the chain is known for those wonderful waitresses who have created plenty of eye strain for customers who don’t want to be too obvious about the restaurant’s most imposing charms. Yeah. It’s hard to be really cool when dining at Hooters.

Which we do quite often, by the way, because Manhattan has a spacious Hooters location that’s worthy of the island’s place as the center of the universe. Remember the restaurant that you saw in Adam Sandler’s 1999 film Big Daddy? It would be that one. There was one beautiful blonde in the movie that kept getting zinged over having once been a Hooters waitress. That’s the one thing in an Adam Sandler movie that’s never made any sense to us.

Anyway, check out a few decades of Hooters hot gals over the years–who usually end up posing with chicken wings, because that makes for two things that men like. Maybe you’ll find a few of these gal celebrating their proud Hooters heritage. We bet they’re still Hooterific, too. That’s a word that we just made up, but any guy will get the meaning after pondering these pics…

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