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Hooters Girls Grabbing Boobs and Butts [PHOTOS]


Do you know what you can get a heaping helping of at Hooters? Chicken wings, and lots of fine fried foods that are vital to a Friday night. You can also get an eyeful of gorgeous waitresses, and they’ll all be busy tonight–along with lots of Hooters alumni–to celebrate the restaurant’s 30th anniversary. (Take a look back with Hooters here.) We’re also happy to report that a lot of those Hooters gals are pretty handy, too. Especially when it comes to grabbing a heaping helping of each other.

That’s right. Any gentleman knows that you have to keep your hands to yourself at Hooters. It seems the waitresses there don’t have to worry about that kind of thing. We have a touchy-feely gallery here of Hooters gals who are taking a break from plates ‘n silverware while moving on to boobs ‘n butts. We’ll have to remember to order some of the next time that we’re hooting it up at Hooters–where hands-on service has never looked more awesome….

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