Serial Pooper Loose On Yale’s Campus Enjoys Taking Dumps In The Laundry Rooms

You read that headline correctly. One of the nation’s oldest and prestigous university’s has a serial pooper on their hands, and he/she has a thing for ruining people’s clothing.

The Yale Daily News has the details:

In the late evening of Sept. 7, Lucy Fleming ’16 opened the dryer in the Saybrook College laundry room to an unpleasant surprise.

Her clothes were soiled with human feces, and it took the physical delivery of the excrement to the Saybrook Master’s Office to catch administrators’ attention.

In the past several weeks, an unknown individual or group, who students have dubbed the ‘poopetrator,’ has repeatedly defecated in students’ laundry, leaving many fearful about the safety of their clothes. After an additional episode was reported on Sept. 26, Saybrook Master Paul Hudak announced that Yale Police has officially joined the investigation and is seeking further information.

The Mad Dumper of Yale. Wonder if that’s a prerequisite of Skull & Bones? Wouldn’t shock me in the least.

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