Olga Fonda vamps on The Vampire Diaries

(8:00 PM EST, The CW)

Tonight’s episode of the returning The Vampire Diaries is titled “I Know What You Did Last Summer”–and we know what the producers did last summer. They had the brilliant idea of bringing in Olga Fonda as a potential new cast member. The stunning Russian-born model was born Olga Tchakova, and chose “Fonda” as a tribute to one of Hollywood’s most fabulous acting dynasties. Olga also just turned 31 years old on October 1st, so she’s ready to start concentrating on her acting career.

Not that we think Olga is aging. We’re perfectly happy to ogle Olga on the big screen. Actually, we first caught her big beauty on the small screen during an episode of Nip/Tuck. Olga kept working her way into the biz, and has done really well in hits like Meet The Fockers and Real Steel. We also caught her in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Tonight might be Olga’s biggest break, though. She’s joining a long line of Vampire Diaries beauties (follow the links here) as Nadia, who hooks up with Rebekah and Matt while the young vampire couple is traveling through Prague.

The network calls Nadia an “emotional chamelon,” and we’re hoping that she’s a sexual chameleon, too. Rebekah’s been around for a few centuries, you know, and she’s probably up for a little switch-hitting. That’s obvious, right? We don’t know why they keep sending our spec scripts back. Anyway, Nadia is all set to be a recurring character. That’s a very good reason to tune in tonight, since characters that don’t bring in a big following on network television tend to be killed off. Olga needs our support to enjoy immortality on the small screen. You can also show her some love via Twitter.

And don’t be in a hurry to change the channel tonight. The CW is also debuting a Vampire Diaries spin-off called The Originals, which follows the exploits of vampires who–like Rebekah–have been hanging around for a few centuries. HBO is about to wrap up True Blood, so vampire fans who haven’t been following the Diaries might want to hook up with this new bunch of bloodsuckers. For now, though, let’s enjoy Olga as a vampire newcomer…

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