Dos Equis Hosts The Ultimate Masquerade: The Most Interesting Party in the World

It’s only been a few days since we celebrated the real-life birthday of Jonathan Goldsmith–the veteran actor and Dos Equis spokesman best known as the Most Interesting Man in the World. Now the beer is once again hosting the Most Interesting Halloween Party of 2013 in Miami, Florida–with Dos Equis drinkers getting the chance to win a trip to the brand’s Ultimate Masquerade Party in Miami. That’s an interesting twist right there, since the previous parties were held in New York City.
 Dos Equis is footing the travel bill, too. Four lucky winners will score an all-expenses paid trip for two to Miami. Potential invitations to the party are found on codes printed on the new custom labels of their Lager and Ambar brews. For a limited time, Dos Equis drinkers won’t dare peel the label off their bottles. They’ll be looking for the custom codes to enter at the Dos Equis Masquerade website. The promotion began back in September, but October is really when the Masquerade season starts–and Dos Equis got the month going last night with a very interesting party held at La Esquina in New York City.
 Of course, the Most Interesting Man in the World will be at that Miami event. There’s a reminder that Jonathan Goldsmith has the most interesting job in the world. He’s also staying busy with a new series of Masquerade-themed commercials, where adoring women hang onto his every word much like the ladies did for us at this grand Dos Equis party. But you won’t have us for competition at the Ultimate Masquerade. That’s a good reason to be checking your very interesting Dos Equis beer bottles right now. And stay lucky, my friends…
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