Sexiest Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2012 [PHOTOS]

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is a mere 28 days away, and we are thinking hard about our costumes. But what we’re even more excited for than dressing up ourselves is the celebrities coming out in droves, wearing sexy Halloween costumes. And though we can’t predict what our favorite Hollywood ladies are going to wear, we do have a few ideas. The Miley Cyrus VMA outfit is sure to make an appearance as is the Walter White/Jessie Pinkman combination. Call us traditional, but we of course most look forward to the Catwomans and devils in skintight leotards.

Okay, so we have almost a month of waiting to do before the celebs start stepping out in costume. But we’re going to have some great seasonal content for you while you’re waiting (and don’t forget it’s also beer month at COED!). We already gave you a gallery of the best body paint¬†costumes, and now we’re presenting the sexiest celebrity Halloween costumes from 2012.¬†Kim Kardashian as a mermaid, Alessandra Ambrosio saluting as a sexy soldier and Rihanna dressed like a ganja queen? Sign us up. Check out these sexy Halloween costumes and more in the gallery below.

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