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Wonder Woman Fan Trailer Has World Wondering About Rileah Vanderbilt [VIDEO + GALLERY]


Wonder Woman, for whatever reason, hasn’t translated into mainstream movies such as Batman, Superman and X-Men during this superhero craze over the past decade. Film director and tease trailer extraordinaire Sam Balcomb decided to spend most of his year creating this 2:36 video to show Hollywood how the movie can (and should be) done.

Did it make it move? For the nerds, I bet it did. But for the average movie fan, I’d give it a solid “meh”. Can’t see how a Wonder Woman movie can eclipse the gold standard of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Hell, I’d be shocked if it became Green Lantern or Daredevil worthy. But I guess dreamers can continue to dream.

One thing’s for sure, the Wonder Woman in this trailer–that being proud geek galĀ Rileah Vanderbiltdefinitely made it move and then some. Now check out these wonderful pics for even more of womanly Rileah…

  • COED Writer