Monika Jakisic Is Probably George Clooney’s Plans for Tonight [PHOTOS]


Oh, why won’t George Clooney just settle down? That nice Sandra Bullock girl would’ve been nice for him. They make such a nice couple in Gravity. George Clooney, however, cannot be tamed. That’s why he’s broken up with¬†Stacy Keibler and is now in the arms of Monika Jakisic. Well, actually, we’re not sure that George really needs a reason to be in the arms of this striking model who’s known as the Croatian Sensation. We certainly wouldn’t like it if we were George Clooney and some guy came up to us and said, “Hey, why did you break up with that gorgeous gal just to go dating Monika Jakisic?” Because the answer would be, “Verily, I am George Clooney.”

Besides, the guy is doing a lot for Monika Jakisic. She’s suddenly gone from a cultish supermodel to a major supermodel–and it’s all because Gorgeous George reportedly took Marvelous Monika back to his stately Los Angeles manor. That was allegedly back in September, after George had broken things off with Stacy. But, report the gossipmongers, George had actually flirted with Monika when he met her in London back in May. That would be when George and Stacy were still an item. More accurately, George and Monika seem to have had a little fling in 2004, which makes it seem even more likely that a renewed romance put an end to Stacy Keibler.

We’re not going to get too worked up over the romantic entanglements of a multimillionaire and his assorted ladies who might only be extremely wealthy. We will, however, get worked up over Monika Jakisic. She certainly deserves a lot of attention. Monika’s been a big deal in the beauty biz since becoming Miss Croatia back in 1997. (Here are four more gals who’ll get you visiting that fine country.) The 5’10” gal has been a technical supermodel since around 1999.¬†Now we’re thinking that Monika Jakisic is an official superdupermodel. Check out these pics of Monika as she mixes modeling with the lifestyle of the rich and famous, and enjoy how the other half lives–and who they live it with…

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