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Jenna Dewan-Tatum on CHELSEA LATELY [See Her Tonight]


Jenna Dewan-Tatum on Chelsea Lately

(11:00 PM EST, E!)

Hey, does anyone remember when Jenna Dewan was a superhot model posing for amazing pics? That was before she became Jenna Dewan-Tatum and spend all of her time posing with hubby Channing Tatum and talking about the joys of motherhood. Well, we’re very excited to say that it looks like we’re about to get the old Jenna back–and we don’t even care that she’s heading into magnificent MILFdom. Jenna seems set to be generously sexy in her upcoming Lifetime series Witches of East End–and she’s plugging the show with Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately, so we’re hoping that the talk will get a little more sexy and less…um, maternal. (At least Jenna’s keeping her maiden name on her Twitter account.)

Of course, we shouldn’t complain. Jenna certainly spooked our shorts with this year’s turn on American Horror Story. And she certainly did her best to hold her own with Amber Heard in the 2011 series The Playboy Club. And we might even be pleasantly surprised when the indie Slightly Single in L.A. comes out later this year–where Jenna is paired with the pairs of Mircea Monroe and Haylie Duff. We still thought our days of Joltin’ Jenna were coming to an end with all that wedded bliss.

We’re also happy to see Jenna getting witchy again. Her turn on American Horror Story was another horrific twist that brought back fond memories of Jenna’s work in Tamara. Any red-blooded male should check out that low-budget Carrie rip-off from 2005. It isn’t very imaginative, but Tamara has plenty of style and a few neat twists–plus a single Jenna Dewan as the titular character. Come to think of it, Cody Diablo’s Jennifer’s Body plays more like a Tamara rip-off.

Anyway, we recommend Tamara for your Halloween viewing list, and also viewing these pics of Jenna Dewan. You’ll certainly understand why Channing Tatum was so eager to hyphenate the lady…

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